EUROTEC - Solenoid Valve
Eurotec Solenoid Valve Namur
Model: MNF-532
Function: 5/2- and 3/2- Way
Materials: Aluminium
Voltage: 24V DC / 230V AC

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NAMUR solenoid valves for standard applications


Solenoid valves according to NAMUR serve the control of pneumatic actuators and are to be mounted directly on actuators with a NAMUR interface according to VDI/VDE 3845. You can use our monostable solenoid valves of the series MNF for standard applications. Our standard version has a wearless and maintenance-free air spring. It returns to its initial position in case of power failure. Furthermore we can provide also an execution with a mechanical spring, which forces the solenoid valve back into its initial position in case of power and pressure failure.


Usually 3/2-way solenoid valves are used on single-acting actuators and 5/2-way valves on double-acting actuators. Our standard series MNF can be used either way due to our innovative and well-functional reversing sealing.


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