Ayvaz - Vacuum Breaker
Model: VK 71
Material: SS304
End Connection: Screwed End BSPT
Size: 1/2"

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Operation Vacuum breakers are used to prevent the vacuum that occurs on pipelines and the steam related equipment in order to maintain efficiency of discharging from the system. Stainless steel ball provides a complete sealing with pressure sensitivity. During the cooling, steam starts condensating as a result of reduced pressure, ball remains on the seat until back pressure drops under the inlet pressure.

At the vacuum point, ball leaves the seat and prevents the vacuum by levelling the pressure on both sides.

Installation VK-71 can be installed both vertically with the pipeline.

Flow direction indicator arrow on the product body, should be examined carefully. Check the minimum pressure and temperature values, if the pressure of the system is higher than the maximum value of the product, use of additional satefy tools may be required in order to prevent the excess pressure.


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