DIAVAL - Diaphragm Valve (Weir Type)
Body Material: Cast Iron
Type: Weir
Line: Unlined / Hard Rubber Lined
Diaphragm: Natural Rubber D10
Class Rating: 150#
End Connection: Flanged End / Screwed End BSPT
Size: 1/2" - 12" (Flanged End)
Size: 1/2" - 1-1/2" (Screwed End BSPT)

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Diaphragm Valves proved to be the answer to many process engineers’ greatest desire of reliability at an acceptable cost of ownership. Of simple and reliable design, diaphragm valves offer secure operation with full leaktight at the plant. The maintenance, when required, is limited to the replacement of the diaphragm, the bolted bonnet design permits to dismantle the valve without removing the valve body from the pipe work.

The body seatless design eases the internal lining, which opens a broad range to inexpensive options to process engineers when selecting materials resistant to corrosion and abrasion duties. Conventional isolating valves would demand expensive exotic materials to resist the effects of severe corrosion whereas a duly linediron based material can do the job.

DIAVAL portfolio clearly meets the requirements of modern industrial processes and the needs of all engineers. Through constant product development and own polymer research technology, DIAVAL Diaphragm Valves are a reliable alternative to existing costly and expensive to maintain conventional valves.

DIAVAL INTERNATIONAL manufacture one of the largest Diaphragm Valves portfolio comprehensive of body linings, diaphragm grades and actuation currently available in the international market. Your DIAVAL Team is available to guide you along a great cost saving experience.


  • Yellow position indicator, for clear and positive valve position from any angle.
  • Ergonomic and rugged handwheel, great comfort and ease of operation.
  • Valve identification and traceability; riveted aluminium name plate denoting valve assembly code, assigned project tag number and PED 97/23/CE conformity. Valve serial and heat numbers are punched and cast onto the main valve bodies and shell bonnet assemblies.
  • Grease reservoir integrated in the spindle chamber that lubricates the spindle along operations thus avoiding valve spindle jamming.
  • Witness hole to detect leakage at diaphragm failure.
  • Closure diaphragms; manufactured from elastomeric and fluorocarbon materials; provide 100% seating tightness while isolating the valve trim from fluid. Wide choice of polymers to satisfy any industrial application.
  • Porousless linings; provides the application engineer with a wide choice of linings of high chemical and abrasion resistance without need of expensive basic metal valve materials.
  • Full rubber flange face in all lined valves as standard.
  • Precise compressor plate; guide and operates the diaphragm up and down.


Weir type diaphragm valves, bidirectional, for stopping or regulating the flow of the service fluid in HVAC, water treatment plants or process industry. Valves are bolted bonnet, seatless design, with a diaphragm as closure element, with rising handwheel. Easy and inexpensive maintenance, by change of diaphragm. Operated by handwheel or actuator.

Specification of the range:

Diverse design combinations by materials of construction of bodies, linings and diaphragms, nominal size range (up to DN300), design pressure range (up to PN16), as well as operation style and accessories.


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