AYVAZ - Metal Bellow Expansion Joint
AYVAZ - Metal Bellow Expansion Joint Complete With Tie Rods
Model: JF-150 SG / JF-400
Class Rating: JIS 10K / PN40
End Connection: Flanged End
Bellow Material: SS 304
Size: 2" - 10"

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Axial Type - Lateral Type Expansion Joints

Axial expansion joints aim to absorb the axial expansions.
• They do not change the direction of the flow
• Additional assemblage distance is not necessary
• Dividing the pipeline helps to prevent stress of lateral forces

Movement Absorption
Axial shift and slight all-around movement of the expansion joint is possible. Axial expansion joints with two bellows are used to absorb larger movements.

Advantages of Axial Expansion Joints
• Easy to absorb the expansion movements
• No direction changes of the flow
• Minimum application area
• Possible lateral and angular expansion absorption by the additional bellows.
• To provide a non-stressed area where the pressure is not too high such as pump and compressor applications.
• Low application costs


DESIGN Structure

Bellow Material: Stainless Steel AISI 321 (opt.304,316L,316TI,309)

Connection Types: Fixed and Floating Flanged and Welded Ended

Flange Material: Carbon Steel St.37.2 as standard, the material can be customised on request

Inner Sleeve: Available in stainless steel AISI 321 (opt.304,316L,316TI,309) on request


Operation Conditions

Operating Temperature: -80C°/+600C°

Operating Pressure: Can be produced with different pressure  rates PN 2,5/6/16/25/40/64

Nominal Diameters: DN 25 (1”) - DN 2600 (104”)


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