REMBE - Flat Rupture Discs
REMBE - Flat Rupture Discs
Disc: Material: SS316 / Inconel / Teflon Coated / Duplex

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For protection against overpressure and vacuum in gases and liquids.

Flat rupture discs from REMBE® offer you fragmentation- free opening across the full width of the vent. They can be produced in virtually any size, for extremely low  pressures from 15 mbar and with very low burst tolerances.

For protection against overpressure and vacuum, e.g. in storage vessels and low pressure systems. Also suitable as a secondary safety device alongside breather valves. This rupture disc is designed to work at standard operating ratios of up to 50 %* of the min. response pressure. It is installed directly between flanges and due to its half holes is suitable for all flange systems. A wide range of materials can be used as seals.

Your advantages

  • Requires less space than safety valves due to the lower installation height.
  • Available for all flanges and in any nominal width.
  • No holder required for installation.

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