MAX MULLER - VETROLUX Circular Sightglasses
MAX MULLER - VETROLUX Circular Sightglasses
Model: VETROLUX circular sightglass fittings to or similar to DIN 28120, PN 2.5 / 6 / 10 / 16.

(Also available in double glazed security version, with or without heating element)

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Used where a product or process has to be observed or controlled inside stirred vessels, tanks, dryers, columns, silos, centrifuges, mixers, evaporators, pipelines.

The circular flange or pad is welded into or onto the vessel wall.

From DN 25 (with a free view of 48 mm) to DN 200 (with a free view of 225 mm). Larger sizes on request.

Nominal pressure ratings of 2.5, 6, 10 and 16 bar. Vacuum. Temperatures of up to 150°C with sodium silicate glass to DIN 8902 or up to 280°C with borosilicate glass to DIN 7080.

Flanges: Stainless steels, boilerplate, Hastelloys and exotic specials
Gaskets: KLINGERsil C4400, PTFE, Silicone, Viton, GYLON, EPDM

- To be supplied against extra charge to DIN EN 10204

- Double glazed safety version with or without internal heating element to prevent cristallisation or condensation
- Special glass qualities, e.g. Quartz, fused glass and seal qualities on request
- High vacuum-tight version
- Base flange machined for glass lining or rubber covering

- Light fittings for use in hazardous or in safe areas, series CHEMLUX (KL (PowerLED) / FHL (LED) / PL(F)KEL (PowerLED) / (F)LKEL / (F)HEL (LED) / PELL 20 deH, F 20 dH, R 50 deH, (R) 100 deH)EdelLUXfibroLUXminiLUX or metaLUX
- Wipers of the series W / WD / WDT and WS
- Spraying devices of the series SV / SVS

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