TankWorks - Floating Oil Skimmer & Suction System
TankWorks - Floating Oil Skimmer & Suction System
Model: Floating Suction / Floating Oil Skimmers


Regardless of tank sizes or orientation, TankWorks (TW) Floating Suction is designed to suit the customer's tank and to draw cleaner product stored in the tank. Suction pipe lengths, location (number) of joints and buoyancy of suction are designed to fulfill its purpose for the customer.

It is easy to install and maintenance is not necessary. Level indicator is also available for measuring suction height. Starting from 3" to 36", TW suction sits comfortably with a roller under pontoon or IFR, creating perfect harmony inside the tank.



Floating Oil Skimmers have been supplied to many parts of the world, satisfying skimming experience for the customers. TankWorks (TW) Oil Skimmers are available with pipe and joints as well as flexible hose skimmer.

Buoyancy calculation bt TW engineer makes Oil Skimmers float in the just right height in relation with the products of above storage tanks. 

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