TankWorks - Drain System
TankWorks - Drain System
Model: Lucid Pipe Drain System / Eloquent Flexible Drain System


TankWorks (TW) drain system is designed to meet the customer's tank condition and with rainfall information, and drain rate calculation can be supplied to confirm the drain size decision.

TW drain joints are traditional Swivel Joint and Flexible Flex Joint providing leakage free.

TW Flexible Flex Joint is enforced with elastomeric life long service and easy and reinforced with stainless steel wire to perform flexibility.

A check valve is available to prevent back flow in case leakage occurs.



TankWorks (TW) Flexible Drain has no leakage concern. Flexible hose has internal memory of rewinding itself so that it does not kink during operation.

Drain installation is determined with consideration of tank orientation to avoid pinching hose under pontoon legs. 

Hose is available in several materials to has compabitility with the stored products.

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