TankWorks - Internal Float Roof
TankWorks - Internal Float Roof
Model: Single Wiper Seal / Double Wiper Seal / Form & Wiper Seal / Mechanical Seal

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Tank Work's (TW) Internal Floating Roof design and quality can satisfy every kind of customer's needs both for new tanks and existing ones.

TW high quality manufacturing ensures vapor loss prevention and excellent functionality of the peripheral rim seal. Its material is selected to meet the service product and 100% aromatics prevention is also achived.

TW basic design for IFR meets API 650 Appendix H & TW tank experience helps TW IFR to expand its function beyond the unexpected challenges that tank might reveal.

Irregular tank shell and abnormal (narrow or wide) rim space are analyzed acnd calculated to have desired vapor loss reduction. Abundant field experience has transcended TW IFR design and technologies.

All components are designed to pass through existing tank manways and IFR penetrations such as columns and poles are provided with a well box and its own seal to accomodate IFR to freely travel inside the tank.

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